Eight Daily Habits of Successful People You Can Start Using Today

Jim Rohn once said, “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” Many people get motivated to start a new project but never complete it. Why? Because they haven’t formed the habits necessary in order to help them do whatever it is they set out to do. So today we’re going to examine some easy daily actions you can do that will form the habits needed to energize you and propel you toward success.
1. Have Daily Goals and Write Them Down!
Every night before you go to bed write out your goals for the day. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying at home or going to work, clarifying your goals by writing them down will focus your subconscious mind on ways to accomplish them while you sleep. This, in turn will ignite your creativity which will energize you to put you ideas into action in the morning. You’ll start each new day focused on your goals and how to accomplish them.
2. Get Plenty of Sleep
Most people are tired because they don’t get enough rest. By the way this isn’t because they are too busy working on their goals and dreams. These people spend their evenings watching TV or playing video games and then, then when they finally go to bed have difficulty sleeping.
Getting enough sleep is one of the best kept secrets to success! Getting an adequate amount of rest contributes to your high-energy reserves. When you get plenty of rest, you’ll wake up full of the energy you need to accomplish the tasks you set for yourself the night before.
3. Have and Follow a Morning Ritual
By ritual I don’t necessarily mean some sort of religious experience, although if your religion is an important part of your life you might want to include it. So if you are religious you might want to include meditation or prayer as a part of your morning ritual.
One thing that everyone needs to have in their morning ritual is some sort of exercise program. It doesn’t matter if you walk, go to the gym or practice yoga or tai chi, working out first thing in the morning will light an energy fire in your body that will last most of the day. So get up and get active!
4. Use Positive Daily Affirmations
What you say to yourself on a habitual basis matters greatly and can affect not only your success but your personal energy. Write down and read aloud positive daily affirmations to yourself every morning. Positive affirmations are a type of positive self-talk that helps your mind to focus on your goals and the good in your life. This will strengthen your self confidence and fill your energy reserves.
On the other hand, negative self-talk, self talk filled with revisiting your mistakes and blunders, will only it wear you out. Understand that mistakes are learning experiences. Make a habit of focusing on what you did right and complimenting and encouraging yourself throughout the day. It will ignite your energy and spark your creativity!
5. Shave (if you need to) and Shower (everyone) Every Morning!
Showering tends to wake you up and re-vitalize you. Take a shower (and shave if you need to) in the morning after you work out. It’ll help you look and feel great and it’ll also help you avoid all those dirty looks you’ll get from people as you pass them if you don’t.
6. Eat Breakfast
Your mom was right breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Avoid skipping breakfast at all costs. Breakfast fuels up your engine and gets your body ready for your day.
If you aren’t a breakfast eater, consider trying a milkshake powder that includes the necessary protein and nutrients to start your day. Many varieties of these types of supplements are available at your local health food stores. Remember, starting your day off with plenty of nutrients gives you a lasting energy boost that coffee and other caffeinated drinks just don’t have.
7. Dress for Success
Make it a habit to look your best every day. Dressing for success doesn’t mean having to purchase a $2500 Armani suit. It does mean wearing neat, pressed and clean clothes appropriate for the situation.
One point to remember, if you’re going to work, your appearance contributes to your self-confidence. This can provide a nice boost to your energy levels. When you look your best, you feel your best. When you feel your best you do your best work.
8. Use Your Car as a University for Success!
Brain Tracy, the great motivation speaker, says that since we spend so much time in our cars we should turn them into universities on wheels. Use your drive time to help you begin each day filling your mind with good stuff, stuff that will help it to feel better and grow! Listening to motivational music and podcasts that promote positive feelings will not only make you feel better but will boost your energy. On your way to work, listen to positive messages from experts like Brain Tracy who inspire self-confidence and energy.
Start Using These Habits of Successful People Today!
How you prepare for and start your day will make a huge difference in your both energy and success levels. Following these 8 simple daily habits of highly successful people will make a big difference in how you approach your work, tasks, meetings and relationships with others. Even if you don’t use all of them, if you incorporate a few of these success habits into your daily life you’ll start feeling better and accomplishing more. Plus, you’ll have the energy to really enjoy your life instead of resignedly watching it pass you by.
Life is short. Live it with all the gusto you’ve got! Use these tips for developing theses habits of highly successful people and you’ll make each day a success. Success is built one day at a time. Go out and make it a great day!